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Welcome to Trader's Edge LLC

Welcome to the World of Innovation. Trader's Edge LLC helps you to add value to your everyday Ideas.


Is flexible, the use of databases and administrable data allows easy updating to keep the information fresh and informative.


We happily provide web hosting for our development clients along with domain naming services and email.


We do not only develop for the Internet, we provide development services of all types.


We provide technical business solutions to assist our clients in meeting their technological needs.

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About Trader's Edge LLC

Trader's Edge LLC is made up of IT professionals with various experience levels, skillsets and backgrounds who together bring a wide range of ideas to any project with the intent reaching the goal of the client. Customer service is more than just a catch phrase to us, a large number of our clients have been clients for over 10 years because we do provide good customer service, we care about how well our clients are doing and show it.

We continuously try to improve our systems, our tools and our methods so that our results will continue to improve also. We believe in knowledge transfer, with other staff members and with our clients, the more we understand our clients needs - the easier it is to reach them, the better the client understands our skills - the better they can determine what needs we can accomplish for them.




We produce applications created in a wide variety of programming languages and across multiple platforms. The platform and language selected is based upon what will best serve the requirements of our clients.



We develop applications that serve the needs of our clients, Internet (Web), Desktop or Client/Server. If a client has a need we will be happy to create the best application to meet it.



We are invested in out clients, we see projects as partnerships and want to provide the best we can. We strive to exceed client expections and build long term relationships.



We deliver results. We give the client what they want and what they need for their project to be a success. We keep the client involved during the development process so everyone is working towards the same goal.


UI/UX Design

We work to provide the look, flow and function you want for your project.


We develop for your best results, from the programmig language used to the appropriate platform and framework.

QA & Testing

We ensure that our results meet the industry standards and we take pride in ensuring that everything works as intended.


We build in basic SEO in our Web projects, advanced and ongoing SEO monitoring is available if a client requires it.


Internet development with administrable backend database design is something we pride ourselves in and constantly look to improve.


We provide DNS, Email and Web Hosting services to our clients, enabling us to provide ongoing service, support and maintenance.


Fran Kick

Fran Kick
Author, Educational Consultant, Speaker

Pete has the high-tech knowledge with the high-quality personality that's perfectly blended to work on, as well as execute, IT solutions. Having Pete involved in the initial development for MusicExpresso the very first, exclusively on-line, print music publishing and distribution company back in 1996 made our technology challenges at the time, fantasies fulfilled. His ability to set up and maintain our other online ventures since then have all been first-class, yet down-to-earth, reality-based, collaborations. While Pete knows more than 99 percent of the many so-called "tech experts" out there, he never makes anyone feel technologically ignorant. His kind, polite, helpful, here's-what-this-really-means-for-you insight educates everyone involved. He's a low maintenance, clear communicating, fast follow up, 24/7/365, preeminent partner on our technology team who always KICKs IT IN!

Molly Luffy

Molly Luffy
Business Growth Strategist

Tired of web designers who charge you an arm and a leg? Confused by their techno-speak? Sick of stressing out over your website?

Stop the insanity and hire Pete Thiel! He is by far the most ethical, professional, easy-to-work-with web designer I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

I've worked with Pete for the last several months on a complete re-design of a website. He made a painless process much easier to deal with!

Working with Pete is easy, friendly and a great experience. I could not recommend him more highly!

Joyce Domijan

Joyce Domijan
VP Strategy & Program Development

Pete has always done a fabulous job regardless of the size or scope of the project. He makes suggestions and anticipates problems while working to make every request a reality. Pete is great at analyzing what's needed and finding the best approach to an effective and efficient solution. I couldn't recommend him more highly!

Scott Pedela

Scott Pedela

Trader's Edge has been great to work with. Pete has worked with us to developed a number of web applications and continues to add additional functionality that we need as we expand. He keeps us up to speed on each segment of the project so that we can see the product in development and make adjustments as it is developed. The ability to be interactive and in constant contact during development phases is key for us because of the complexity and accuracy of information is everything for us. Trader's Edge has allowed us the flexibility to create exactly what we want. Thanks for all the hard work!


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